2024- K&S Country Christmas Market -Information & Rules

Information for the show:

Location/Date/Times/Booth Fee are all listed on the flyer so I am not going to repeat that. 

Set up will beging at 8am the morning of the event.  Breakdown at 3pm everyone must be out by no later than 4pm. 


you will unload and go park then come back and set up. 

Your booth number will be included in the email and will be posted at the venue

This will be indoors on a gymnasium floor so please be careful when setting up. Do not damage the floor.

booths are 10x8 unless you select the added amount to make your booth larger. 

Corner booths will automatically be 10x10. These booths are special requested only. They will not be assigned. So if you get one without purchasing then you got lucky. If you purchase one then you are guaranteed a corner booth.

if you need larger booths and want a corner booth then you will need to purchase both.  The corner booth and the additional space. 

No tents inside.  If you use them as part of your display then please no top on them.  Also, you must stay inside your booth space. 

Tables and chairs are NOT provided so make sure you bring your own. 

No smoking , if you must then go to your car. Not the front door

No food in the gym area.  If you are a food vendor you will have to set up outside. 

Nothing shall be attached, nailed, glued to the walls or floors of the venue. 

If you have a display that is rough on the bottom of the legs or frame, please have something under it to protect the floor. 

All booths will be numbered and taped off for all vendors

we will have music playing but within easy listening levels. 

If you need electricity there may be a extra charge for that and you must request it at the time of signing up

If you need to leave early due to an emergency please tell me before leaving Just dont pack up and leave.  This is rude and will possibly prevent you from doing other events.  If it’s not an emergency and you just pack up and leave without notifying me then you will forfeit any further events.  All vendors are expected to stay the entire event.  If we die down and I see it fit to shut it down early then you will be told when to start breaking down. 

 If you charge tax on your products then you are responsible for collecting that tax.  K&S is not responsible