2024 & 2025 Booth Contest

Thank you for your interest in doing our booth contest for the 2024 & 2025 Fall Colors event. 

It’s very simple, when signing up for the event please specify if you want to do the contest or not by checking one of the check boxes. 

Your tent must be ready and set by the time of opening time. You should have enough room to set a display up in front of your tent just make sure that it is not a tripping hazard. 

Decorate your booth however you want.  Make it outstanding because the shoppers will be judging your booth.  For those that sign up you will get a sign to post on your booth that you are participating in the contest.  You will get a number specific to your booth for the shoppers to vote on.  At the end of the day the votes will be counted and the winner will be announced at 3pm sharp.  If you are the winner you will receive a special gift from K&S and it will be brought to your tent. 

We only ask that if you sign up that you make sure all of your decorations are picked up and disposed of at the end of the day. 

You can do whatever you want….hay bales, pumpkins , corn stalks. Whatever you can imagine.