2025 Events Info

As you can see we have a full lineup for 2025.  Each event is also going to be apart of a fundraising campaign.  We have the Chattanooga Area Food Bank and the American Red Cross we will be working with to raise funds, food, and supplies to help them out for 2025.  We personally will be taking donations of pet food, supplies, toys, blankets for our area animal shelters.  We have a lot planned for each event and with your help and the community we will make 2025 the best year ever.  Along with our regular vendors we are encouraging local kids to come and show us what they make and learn how to become business owners.  We want you our adult vendors to help mento these kids because they are our future.  With that being said, these kids may do something similar to what you do so don’t get offended if they do.  They are kids, and they think their product is the best.  They have rules of their own to make sure they understand how it works. But if you have any advise you can share please do so in a constructive manner. 

We will have contest inside some of our events and we want vendors to participate too.  So feel free to join those inside events and help spread the word about them too. Not only spread the word about these events but please share the big event too.  We ask that when you sign up that you also go and like the event page for those events you sign up for.  Not only to help with sharing the event but to get updates too.  Remember, your friends on social media are not necessarily our friends, so no matter how much we post the events they may not see it if you don’t share it too.  The best way to advertise is word of mouth.

We are also offering Vendor Sponsorship opportunities to everyone.  If you are interested in having your business, booth, or name added to our sponsors list you have that option now.  You can do one event, or the whole year.  With this sponsorship you will have the opportunity to have you name, logo added to all advertising and have special booth locations at each event you sponsor.  There is a whole other page for you to read about this option in the menu bar.  

We want to make 2025 one of our best years and with you as a vendor and helping to tell people about our events we think that it will be.