2025 Softball Game Rules

Rules for Games


  1. Each team must be registered no later than February 1st 2025.
  2. Registration fee must be paid at the time of signing up.
  3. All payments will be done through K&S Website at: eventswithkimk.com
  4. Along with filling out the form online you must fill out the one sent to your email.
  5. Each team must be at the ball field by 8am the day of the event. The first game will begin at 8:30am and will only be 1 hour of play. Depending on the number of teams we get signed up the games will only run till 6:30pm with awards at 7:00pm. 
  6. Each team will need to be at the location because you will not know when you will play. If you are a no show then you will forfeit your time slot and we will move on.
  7. Your team name will be randomly drawn from a hat for each time slot. Once everyone has played one game then those winners will be put in a hat and drawn again for the second round. This will continue till the final round. 
  8. Each game will timed and will only be played for 1 hour only
  9. All players will be issued a armband so that we know who’s entered into the tournament. 
  10. Team leaders/head coach must have a list of team members turned in no later than the day before while we are doing set up.
  11. Substitutions will be allowed the day of the tournament if needed.
  12. Each team must provide their own equipment and supplies for the games.
  13. You will be able to bring canopies and chairs if you want to set up while you wait for your turn. 
  14. Each team member is asked to wear some sort of costume while playing.  This is just a little added entertainment for the crowd. It can be simple or preferred a air costume.  The whole team can dress as one or individual. I’m leaving that up to you. But we do ask that you participate in this aspect. 
  15. There will not be a age limit on the team members. But please make sure they are able to play. 
  16. Each team is asked to also donate non perishable food items to be given to the Chattanooga Food Bank. These will need to be turned in at the time of check in.
  17. There will be an event page made on social media and we ask that each member of your team like and share the event.  The more we get to come the bigger the donation of food.
  18. If you will please make sure that any children that are not playing are well supervised. 
  19. Please do not bring your pets.
  20. 20.Please spread the word with your family and friends about our event so that we can fill the shelves at the food bank.

There will be an admission fee of $5.00 for attendees not for players for parking or at least 5 items donated.  There will also be vendors and food trucks planned to be there also so you can shop and eat while you wait. 


Thank you again for signing up and we are excited to hold this event with you.