Bugsley’s Coloring Book

Thank you for your interest in the first edition of Bugsley’s Coloring & Activitiy Book.  

We are selling these in efforts to raise money for purchasing items for our local animal shelters and for those that are homeless and could not give up their pets.  We will be using a portion of the proceeds to fund our fundraiser but the rest will be going towards purchasing food, blankets, toys, medicine and more for all.

Each book will be hand made by K&S and shipped out as soon as they are ready.  This will be with in 2 days of your order being placed.  As the year goes on and holidays come around we will be putting out holiday editions too.  In between those will will work on just plain coloring and activities.   

When ordering your book or books you will also be paying for shipping on the order.  So when you checkout there will not be a shipping charge or tax.  

So thank you for purchasing to planning on purchasing our Bugsley’s book and we hope that you and the one you are buying it for will enjoy it also.