Farmers Market Flea Market

Farmers Market Flea Market Information


This event is just what it says.  Farmers and Flea Market combined.  All vendors are welcome to bring items that you would find at a flea market.  For example, farmers will bring their crops that are ready.  Canned goods, fresh bread, fresh veggies, and even small farm equipment they need to sell. Nothing bigger than a small tractor. If you have larger equipment have photos on hand to show. Other vendors you will be doing basically things like a yard sale, but not junk. Or if you want you can do your regular vending booth.  We would like to have booths with unique antiques that are centered around farming / farmhouses ect.  ABSOLUTELY NO ANIMALS WILL BE SOLD AT THIS EVENT. 


Each vendor will get a 12x12 booth and you must stay inside your booth space. If you need a bigger spot you will need to purchase 2 or more booths. Booths are going to be $40 for everyone. It will be a outside event. The only thing I ask is please do not bring everything you own and try to sell it.  Make your booth nice and attractive but don’t over saturate it.  The shoppers get overwhelmed and wont buy. Plus you will have to tote your things from your vehicle to your booth. So if you haven’t invest in a rolling cart. Academy has them sometimes from $30-60. 


We will be holding this event at Greenway Farms on September 20th 2025 and we want to make sure we fill the grounds with all kinds of vendors. We wanted to make sure that we get those fall crops out there for the fall time dinners and decorations.


And remember if you see anyone else other than me posting about taking vendors then they are scammers. Don’t fall for it….. and look for my logo on the flyer. 

Booth purchasing will open after the first of the year. This is just a heads up on  what is coming in 2025