Remote Vendor

This option is for those vendors that would like to join the show but physically can not make it.  This is not valid if you have purchased a booth already and decide you do not want to come and set up.  If you have already signed up, and you are a no show or cancel and choose this option you will have to pay the $25 fee to do so.   Here is how out will work

The cost to do this is $25 per event you want your book shown.  $5 extra for a QR code with your contact information the shopper will scan to get your information. 

Basically what you will do is make up your own catalog of items

take photos of the items you want to showcase then put a prices beside them with a short description.  You can do as many pages as you want.  I will print them off and put them in a notebook for the shoppers to browse through.  I also need some business cards, or something with your contact information for the shopper to take with them.  If you want a QR code for them to get your contact information I can do that also for additional $5. 00. This code will be unique to you and will have your name and phone number or email on there.  I know it sounds like a lot to do, but it is worth it if you want to share your talent.  

So here ya go…..

take photos/price them/ write a description send this to me via email:

if you sign up for more than one event the same notebook will be used for each one you submit.  Keep it simple please. I will handle all of the rest.  Just make sure if you send business cards to contact me for the address to send them to.  I must have them no later than 10 days before each show you sign up for. 

Main thing is to get me the photos and prices and description.  

Thank you and if you have any further information please ask.