Rules for Walker Co Events

These will be standard rules for the events held at the Walker co civic center, agricultural center and the pavilion area. 


1. All vendors must bring their own canopy, tables, chairs and anything else needed to run their booths. 
2. Each vendor will be assigned a booth space which will be marked either by a flag with your booth number on it or by the number painted on the grass if by the pavilion 
3. Once you have purchased your booth there will be NO RFUNDS. You have committed to attending once you checkout.

4. Vendors must stay inside their assigned space. If you need extra then purchase an additional space. Do not take over your neighbors area 

5. All tents must be weighted down with no less than 5LBS added to each leg. You can use jugs of water or sand bags. 
6. If you use banners or flags that go in the ground please make sure you do not leave a huge hole 

7. No open flames

8. No smoking within 25 ft of your spot 

9. No pets unless they are a service animal

10. If you must bring your children please make sure they are supervised at all times  we don’t need any accidents 

11. All set up information will be sent out via email the Sunday before each event 

12. Each vendor agrees to stay the entire event unless otherwise released by the host  if you breakdown early you may be put on probation or forfeit any future events  Its not right to just break down without notifying the host first  

13. Please be prepared for the weather  Dress according and please keep the dress attire family friendly  

14. No Bullying  K&S will not tolerate any vendor being rude to each other or to the shoppers  if there is a problem notify the host and they will handle it 

15. K&S Events only provides the vendors a place to sell their items  K&S is not responsible for making those sales for them  Please do not sit in your booth and keep your head down playing on your phone  Acknowledging your shoppers will help make sales  

16. K&S Events shall not be held liable for any damage done to you, your belongings, or to your vehicles while you attend any of our events  It is up to you to make sure your products are protected from theft, or weather related issues. 
17. K&S Events reserves the right to make last minute changes to the event and will notify each vendor of those changes  More than likely it will be changes to the booth arrangements 

18. Food trucks must provide a copy of their  state food permit and insurance policy in order to participate  Once we receive your space purchase you will get a email requesting these papers  

19. In the event of severe weather such as severe lightning, tornadoes, hurricane,  K&S will either postpone the event or shut it down and reschedule  There will be no refunds issued but a make up time or date will be available  These events are rain or shine 

20. Please keep in mind that you will need to tote your items to your booth so make sure you have help or the equipment to tote them  


1. All rules above apply here too

2. Do not affix anything to the walls, floor, poles

3. Please no canopy’s inside 

4. If electricity is provided inside the centers then that will be a add on to your booth fee

5. Restrooms are provided so make sure you treat them like they were in your home  

6. Keep your booth area clean and neat at all times  

7. Absolutely no smoking inside the centers