The Powder “Ruff” Puff Games

The Powder “Ruff” Puff Games


Well this should be fun!

This is the first time I’ve done an event that the vendors have 4 legs. But we think it will be awesome.  We are planning on holding this event at Greenway Farms in Hixson Tn and Only because it already has a built in dog park and there are a few dog supply companies in the area.  


Each doggie will be able to enter 3 different events that will show off how well trained they are.
1. Agility - entry fee will go towards awards 

2. Obedience - entry fee will go towards awards

3. Costume contest-entry fee will go towards awards

All breeds are welcome to join us.  Sign ups will be on the website for you to choose which ones you want. Each winner of these events will get a ribbon.  The grand prize winner of each category will receive a trophy too. 


This event is also going to be a educational event for pet owners.  We are going to try and get the public to understand how important it is to spay and neuter their pets so that we don’t have so many strays and orphans in our town. 


We would like to have grooming companies, daycares, veterinary offices, supply companies and crafting vendors that make pet items all to come and join us. 


More information will be posted on the website and on the social media event page later on. This is just a heads up for what is coming. 


To sign up go to