About K&S

K&S is a locally owned and operated event hosting company that has been around for 10 years. We specialize in craft and vendor events but we also do personal events like weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, baby showers and other things. We take pride in doing what we do and try to make each event no matter what it is as memorable as we can. 
Hi…My name is Kim Krause and I’m your host. A little bit about me and I hope to keep it short and sweet. 
I have lived in Chattanooga most of my life and take pride in what I do for a living now. I’m a 15 year veteran 911 dispatcher and loved what I did but in 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and could no longer do my job as my type cancer was located in my mouth and neck. So talking for a living was no longer an option. After healing and regaining my strength I decided to start doing shows again as a vendor but I eventually got back into hosting. So now here we are ….. almost 100 shows under my belt and still going. Now with that being said I have decided to branch out a little and do some different type events not only for my vendors but for the public to enjoy even more. We are excited about doing some different type events and hope that you come along for the ride. I’m looking forward to the remainder of the events in 2024 but can’t wait till 2025.