Volunteer Information


Thank you for signing up to be a volunteer at our events.  Please know that this is very appreciated.  

As a volunteer you will be asked to some of the following:

Signing in vendors

Directing traffic

Assisting vendors with unloading and loading

Giving bathroom breaks to the vendors

Helping to keep the venue clean from garbage on the grounds

Helping with any contest during the event you signed up for.

You will not have to do all of these task just where needed and depending on how many volunteers we get for each sign up.

You will be sent a email with all the set up information at no later than the Wednesday before the event.  Make sure to check your emails you give at the time of signing up. 

Please make sure you dress comfortably and according to the weather.  Bring plenty of water just in case I forget to.  Make sure to wear sunscreen please! 

I am hoping to have t-shirts made up for each volunteer so please add your size to your sign up.  

If you sign up please make sure you put it on your calendar as we need to make sure we have enough volunteers

If you are student and need to have your paperwork filled out make sure to have that with you at the end of the day so I can fill it out.  I will not fill them out at the beginning of the show, only at the end. 

If you volunteer for an event downtown and there is parking fees, please pay for your parking and I will refund the amount back to you. 

Again we appreciate you signing up or even thinking about signing up.  With your help our events will run smoothly and free me up some to attend to other duties.  Thank you so much and I hope to see you soon!


Kim K