Hey Y’all

Hey Y’all

I would like to thank you for visiting my website and I hope to have you as a vendor for my shows. I’m going to give a little back history about me and how I came to be an event host. This may be a long story but I will try and keep it with in 1000 words. 
I was born in Las Vegas but was raised here in Chattanooga. Dad was a military man so hence the birth place. Growing up here I was very close to my dads mother and father who were both very crafty. So I guess I learned from them. Growing up and while in high school I loved photography and did that for several years. Then all of a sudden life took over and I had to become an adult. After graduation I moved on with life and worked as a cashier for Red Food then worked for a local bank. Got married and decided I wanted a more challenging career so I became a prison guard. That triggered my love for law enforcement but first I had to go back and work at Bi-lo then Food City. I was a cake decor for 15 years then I decided it was time for another change. I became a 911 dispatcher for Hamilton county and the city of Chattanooga. In the mean time I had gotten divorced and re-married to a guy that I have tortured for years. I just don’t see why he stays around. But shortly after we were married we got some devastating news about my health. In June 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer. That day forever changed my life. Luckily we caught it in time but barely. If I had waited two more months I would of been terminal. But I didn’t give up and never wavered on my belief I was going to make it. I had a strong support system with family and friends and especially my dear husband. So after 12 surgeries and chemotherapy and radiation therapy I made it thru. All though there were days I didn’t think I would. But I tell people all the time. I’m to damn mean to die!  So for a form of therapy I got back into crafts and photography. And then I decided to start hosting shows and events myself. It has been a learning process but I’m getting there. I tell my vendors all the time, I didn’t give up going thru cancer treatments so why would I give up on hosting events. Times have been hard, some shows have been bad but more have been good. I love my vendors like family and when they don’t do good I take that to heart and I try to make it better. But on that note I can only supply the venue it is up to the vendors to sell their products. I can’t do that for them. But anyways here it is 7 years later and I am getting ready to launch a whole new line up for 2023. Some of these shows will be huge. Some not so much. But with your support we can make them all doorbusters. I will never give up on my show and certainly not on my vendors. So in closing thank you again for taking time to read my notes here and I hope to see  you at future shows. 

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We are moving back stateside next June when my husband retires. I am a macrame artist and would love to get your 2023 lineup so that I can jump in with both feet into Tennessee’s crafting community. Thank you for any information

Shannon Kohler

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