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Well it’s that time of the year where I start searching for new venues or start planning next years shows. Well we have added a doozy to the list. First we have once again booked the Coolidge Park venue for our Easter show but the month of fee we have a brand new venue to add to our list.  The Cedar Hills Farm has become a sponsor for a couple shows. This location is a little out there in the country but I feel like it will be worth it. It is mainly used for weddings but the owner has asked if we could try doing a craft show. So I agreed. It is a beautiful location and I am excited to give it a try. And I hope you will too. I will be posting more shows for 2023 like another Sunflower event , Spooktacular #2 and my biggest show of all the 2023 Fall Color Cruise Festival. I have to get clearance first from the county on those and once I do then I will open it up on here for you guys to get a spot. 
One last thing, I want to say a huge thank you to my vendors that have stuck with me. Hosting shows is not easy and with other host in the area scouting for vendors we are constantly fighting over you guys. I know that some of my shows did not do as well as we had hoped but I fight for you every step of the way. You just don’t know how many times I have stepped out of view and broke down because I felt like a failure to my vendors. But I kept going !  I do all I can with the funds I have to make my shows a success. But I need help from you the vendor to help promote. I try to keep the cost of booths affordable so that you can have a place to go and sell your products. So I get defensive when I’m questioned about why I’m charging what I do. I get defensive when some vendors say I don’t advertise. I think you would too if you only knew what I have to do in order to make shows happen. Just a brief explanation:  I charge what I charge because it’s a fare price. So let’s do the math….

booth fee : 75.00 x 50 vendors =                         $3,750.00

venue fee: $2,000.00  Coolidge Park                 -$2,000.00


                                            Balance :                 $1,750.00

Insurance :                                                          -$ 500.00 min.

Signage:                                                              -$ 350.00

Billboards:                                                           -$ 250.00

Entertainment:                                                     -$ 500.00

Permits:                                                                -$ 200.00

Other Advertising :                                               -$ 350.00

Supplies:                                                              -$ 300.00 min.

Venue Deposit:                                                    -$500.00 min 


                                           Balance:               - $ 1,200.00


So do you think I’m getting “Rich” off making shows  This was said to me after the Camp Jordan Show  these same prices can go for there too. In order for me to make a profit I must have at least 70 vendors at $75 each  but it would not be that much. But anyways if there is ever any question on how I run my shows and spend your booth fees well here it is , so the next time you do a show just think about how much I or any other host …well except a couple…goes thru and how much we spend on these events just for you to have a place to sell your items. Self promotion is a big help on making sales.  I can only provide the venue, I can’t make people come and I definitely can not make them buy what you are selling. So when I ask you to share the event then please do so, it benefits you more than me!


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