4th Annual Spooktacular Vendor & Movie Night Information

Hey vendors we are excited about this one. 

We are now offering 2 separate events in one.  Now you can choose from just doing the main event at the regular vendor prices or you can now choose to the whole day with the main event and the movie night event.  Of course there is a price different between the two but that is to help with the cost of doing business.  You are not obligated to do both but we wanted to offer this option just in case.  

Vendors that want to do just the main event during the day will follow the same rules as any event.  ALL vendors that are not going to do the movie night part will need to be up and out of the venue by no later than 5pm so we can set up for the second part.  

Vendors that choose to do the second part will remain in their spot till the breakdown time of 7pm.  You will remain open during the main event breakdown and through the movie part.  

We hope that you decide to join us because this is going to be a blast.  Also if you can get some solar lights to dress your booth during the day so you will have lights after dark.