Food Trucks in Chattanooga

Food Truck/Tent Vendors:

‘Please have your insurance papers turned in to me no later than 30 days prior to the event you are signed up for. These papers are for your food trucks only. Since you will be parking on the roadside the city needs your vehicle insurance for the truck or trailer. 
‘Make sure also you have all of your inspection documents on hand. The fire department will come by and check. If you don’t have these you will not be able to set up 

If you have a pull behind trailer you will need to park and un-hitch 

(unless otherwise told not to)

Each truck/trailer is required to pay for their parking fee for their personal vehicle. 
‘your booth parking fee is included in your booth fee 

If you are a food vendor and work out of a tent then you still need to have your paperwork if you are preparing on site. 
‘Home made food items that are prepackaged do not. You are covered under the cottage law.