Question / Answer

Where is this located? : These events are located at either of the four locations. 

Chattanooga Green, Coolidge Park, Heritage Park, Greenway Farms

When will I receive set up information :  We send out set up information usually the Sunday before the event  Wednesday at the latest due to late sign ups  

Is this a outdoor event? : Yes

How big are the booths? : Booths are 12 x 12 and bigger (for added cost)

What are the hours? : Times for the show are 10am - 3pm or 11am-4pm

Is the price per day? : No, if the event is a two day event then the price covers both days. 

Will there be security? : If the show is more than one day and is outdoors then yes there will be security  Although security will be provided, K&S will not be held liable for any valuables that come up missing  These should not be left out  and secured by the vendor  One day shows will not have security, but may have local authorities that will come by to check on the venue  

What kind of advertising will there be? : As with all of K&S events, Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, Social Media, Banners, and most importantly Word of Mouth

What is the expected attendance? : I can not give a number for attendance. Each show is different and there is no way anyone can predict the turnout. This is a frequent question which NO ONE CAN HONESTLY ANSWER. So I can not and will not quote a number for attendance. 

Why are the booths priced this way?: The pricing is based on the venue charge per day and advertising cost. Why do you price your items the way you do? Events are not cheap to produce, there are a lot of behind the scene cost. That is all you need to know. 

If I cancel will I get a refund ?: NO. The only time you will get a refund is if I cancel the show and do not reschedule it. 

Do I as a vendor need to have liability insurance?: The only time a vendor would need a liability insurance policy is if you want to have one or you are a vendor that has a activity to which a shopper could be injured in any manner. Such as, food poisoning, or falling of a hay ride. Any activity other than crafts. 

I hope these answered your questions as these are the most asked by vendors.